Discover the Serenity of Coarse Fishing at Retallack Resort, Cornwall

Coarse fishing Retallack Resort

A serene morning by the water, the gentle lapping of the lake, a line cast into the shimmering surface — this is the essence of coarse fishing at Retallack Resort, Cornwall. As one of the UK’s most beloved outdoor activities, coarse fishing offers a tranquil escape into nature. We cater to this experience, helping anglers of all skill levels admire our picturesque setting.

The resort provides an unparalleled coarse fishing experience, combining the natural beauty of Cornwall with top-notch facilities and expert guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a curious beginner, our resort is the perfect destination to indulge in this peaceful pastime.

Why Cornwall is ideal for your coarse fishing holiday

Beautiful lake house on Retallack Resort

Cornwall, blessed with a mild climate influenced by the Gulf Stream, presents an extended season for active coarse fish. The county boasts a variety of still waters, including lakes, reservoirs, and ponds, rich in fish species.

Local Cornish fish species

Like we already mentioned the waters of Cornwall are home to a diverse range of fish:

  • Carp and tench – Widely available in still waters.
  • Rudd and roach – Ideal for beginners or light tackle enthusiasts.
  • Mullet – A challenging catch found in estuaries like Restronguet Lake.
  • Sea trout – Occasionally found in rivers, prized for their size and spirit.

Climate and weather patterns

Cornwall’s overall mild climate, due to warm ocean currents, leads to warmer waters and an extended fishing season, stretching comfortably from spring through autumn. Each season offers its unique fishing prospects.

  • Spring – Rising water temperatures trigger increased feeding activity.
  • Summer – Early mornings and late evenings are prime fishing times.
  • Autumn – Preparing for winter, fish feed heavily, though weather can be variable.
  • Winter – Fishing activity reduces, but mild spells can still yield catches.

Rain and wind can influence fishing conditions, with sheltered spots being preferable during windy days.

Equipment, bait and local fish species – formula for a catch

We offer a wide range of equipment and bait to suit all levels of coarse fishing expertise. From rods and reels to a variety of baits, our guests have access to top-notch gear, ensuring an enjoyable and successful fishing adventure.

Premier Fishing Locations Near Retallack Resort


Discover the allure of coarse fishing in Cornwall with two of our nearby, premier fishing locations: Retallack Waters and Borlasevath Manor Farm. Each offers a unique fishing experience, set amidst the picturesque Cornish countryside.

Retallack Waters

Just a stone’s throw from St Columb Major, Retallack Waters provides an intimate fishing experience over 2.6 hectares of still water. Known for its diverse fish species, anglers can expect to encounter bream, perch, pike, roach, and tench. This peaceful haven offers a tranquil setting perfect for anglers seeking a quiet retreat.

  • Location: Near St Columb Major, Cornwall
  • Permit Details: Contact Retallack Waters for permit information
  • Water Type: Stillwater
  • Fishery Species: Bream, Perch, Pike, Roach, Tench
  • Fishery Type: Coarse

Borlasevath Manor Farm

Nestled near St Wenn, Borlasevath, Manor Farm spans over 4 hectares of still water. Offering day permits available directly from the farmhouse, this location is ideal for a spontaneous day of fishing. The farm is stocked with bream, carp, roach, rudd, and skimmer, making it a popular choice for coarse fishing enthusiasts.

  • Location: Near St Wenn, Cornwall
  • Permits Available: Day tickets
  • Water Type: Stillwater
  • Fishery Species: Bream, Carp, Roach, Rudd, Skimmer
  • Fishery Type: Coarse

Plan your coarse fishing trip

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Plan your ultimate fishing getaway with us. We provide information on the best fishing seasons, comfortable accommodations, and special packages designed for anglers to ensure an unforgettable experience. Retallack Resort invites you to discover the joys of coarse fishing in Cornwall. Our blend of serene landscapes, expert guidance, and top-notch facilities makes us the ideal choice for your next fishing holiday.


  • Unparalleled coarse fishing experience in Cornwall, catering to both seasoned anglers and beginners with well-stocked lakes.
  • Top-quality equipment, bait, and expert guides available on-site.
  • Sustainable fishing practices – a great catch while also preserving our natural water bodies for future generations.
  • Guided lessons and hands-on experience in a supportive setting.

Contact us today to book your fishing retreat and experience the serenity of coarse fishing into the tranquil waters of Cornwall.