Stand-Up Paddle boarding at Retallack Resort, Cornwall

Mother and Son on Paddle boards in water

Image credit: Big Green Adventures

Imagine gliding across the tranquil waters of Retallack Resort, feeling the gentle sway beneath your feet as you navigate the pristine coastline of Cornwall. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) offers an unparalleled blend of excitement, making it the perfect adventure for water enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or an experienced paddle boarder seeking new challenges, the resort provides an ideal setting for an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Nestled in a sheltered valley, the resort’s lake offers calm waters, ideal for a serene experience.

The sheltered lake: Haven for enthusiasts

Retallack Resort’s distinct advantage lies in its location within a sheltered valley. This natural shield makes the lake exceptionally calm, perfect for beginners to find their balance and for experienced paddlers to enjoy a peaceful glide. The still waters reflect the stunning Cornish countryside, creating a picturesque setting for every stroke.

Scenic backdrop of rolling hills and lush woodlands

Surrounding the lake, rolling hills and dense woodlands paint a breathtaking vista. As you paddle, you’re treated to views of green slopes and vibrant foliage, immersing you in the heart of Cornwall’s natural splendour. This enchanting environment is not just a feast for the eyes but a soothing balm for the soul.

Wildlife encounters: otters, kingfishers, and herons

While navigating the gentle waters, keep an eye out for the local inhabitants. The lake and its surroundings are a haven for wildlife such as otters, kingfishers and herons.

Catering all skill levels

Retallack Resort understands that paddle boarding is a journey of progression. Beginners might opt for wider, more stable boards, while advanced paddlers might choose narrower, agile options. For newcomers, lessons cover essential techniques, safety, and local insights, ensuring a confident start.

The Cornish Countryside Experience

As you glide through the water, the tranquillity of the sheltered valley envelops you. The rolling hills and dense woodlands provide not just scenic beauty but also a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. This is where nature’s embrace is truly felt, and the soul finds its harmony with the gentle lapping of the lake’s waters.

Why Choose Retallack for Your Paddle Boarding Adventure

Choosing Retallack Resort for your paddle boarding adventure comes with the added luxury and convenience of staying at Queenwood Holidays. We want to do all we can to help blend the excitement of paddle boarding with the comfort of top-tier lodging.

Kingfisher Retallack Resort

Luxurious Lodges by the lake

Queenwood Holidays offers an array of lodges, ranging from cosy 4-person accommodations to spacious 12-person retreats. Each lodge, nestled on the banks of Retallack’s lake, is designed for comfort and luxury. Wake up to serene lake views, step out onto your private deck, and be just moments away from your next paddle boarding session.

Lodge options


  • Fully-equipped kitchen for convenient self-catering.
  • Private spas and hot tubs available for relaxation.
  • Games areas offer fun and entertainment for guests of all ages.
  • Pool boards for additional leisure activities.


  • Lakefront view offers direct access to Retallack’s lake for paddle boarding.
  • Scenic surroundings set in a tranquil environment.
  • Ample parking space for guest vehicles.

Example pricing for an 8-person lodge – Puffin 21

  • Low Season: £799
  • High Season: £3 499

The Health Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Uncover the myriad physical and mental health benefits of stand-up paddle boarding. From improving core strength to reducing stress, SUP offers a holistic approach to wellness for enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Full-body workout – Paddle boarding engages your core, arms, legs, and back, providing a balanced, full-body workout. This helps in improving overall strength, balance, and fitness.
  • Core strength – Regular paddle boarding can lead to improved core strength, which is essential for good posture and overall physical health.
  • Cardiovascular health – Paddle boarding can be a great cardiovascular exercise, especially when done at a brisk pace or over longer distances. It helps in increasing heart rate and improving heart health, reducing the risk of heart-related issues.
  • Balance and coordination – Navigating the SUP board requires balance and coordination, which can improve over time with regular practice. This not only helps in the sport but also enhances overall body coordination and balance.
  • Stress reduction – Being out on the water has a calming effect on the mind. The rhythmic motion of paddling, combined with the serene environment of Retallack Resort, can significantly reduce stress and promote mental tranquillity.
  • Joint health – Paddle boarding is a low-impact exercise, making it easy on the joints. This is particularly beneficial for individuals looking for effective workouts without stressing their joints.

Booking Your Paddle boarding Experience at Retallack

Ready to embark on your paddle boarding adventure? Learn how to book your SUP experience at Retallack Resort, with details on package options, group bookings, and special offers designed to enhance your stay:

  • Independent booking – Paddle boarding at Retallack Resort is managed separately from our lodging, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose an experience that suits your schedule and interests. Visit the Retallack Resort website or contact them directly for easy booking.
  • Tailored to all – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, Retallack Resort offers a range of instructors and diverse paddle boarding programs.
  • Group fun – Enquire about group bookings to make a fun day out on the water for everyone.
  • Convenience – Staying with us gives you the advantage of being in close proximity to Retallack Resort’s paddle boarding facilities. It’s just a 5-minute walk from your lodge to the lake, making it an easy addition to your holiday itinerary.
  • Contact Amy for assistance – If you need any help with directions, booking advice, or more information about paddle boarding, our lovely host Amy is always more than happy to assist you.


  • A serene, picturesque setting ideal for paddle boarders of all levels, enhanced by a tranquil lake and diverse wildlife.
  • Luxurious, self-catering lodges with varied amenities, located on the lake’s edge, catering to different group sizes.
  • SUP offers a full-body workout, improves core strength, cardiovascular health, balance, and mental well-being, while being gentle on joints.